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Clean and refresh carpets and hard floors with an impressive 1440 Watts of power and the innovative WhirlWind? Anti-Tangle Brushroll Technology which helps prevent hair wrap and clogs. The dual-action brush roll optimizes cleaning by pulling in both large and small debris and concentrates airflow along the floor for a deeper clean. With additional features such as adjustable Quiet and Max power modes to customize your clean to the specific floor type and reduce noise level and a motorized pet tool designed with anti-tangle technology, the Innova? upright vacuum is the only vacuum you need to experience the power of clean.


  • Delivers Carpet and Floor Deep Cleaning: 1440W Motor for strong suction power and a deeper clean.
  • WhirlWind Anti-Tangle Brushroll: Actively breaks hair to prevent tangles and clogs from forming.
  • Dual-Action Brushroll: Pulls in large and small debris and prevents scattering.
  • Concentrates Air Flow: Experience a deeper clean on all flooring types.
  • Motorized Pet Tool: Clean pet hair easily with the anti-tangle motorized brush roll. Motorized anti-tangle pet tool effectively removes hair and debris from stairs and upholstery and even under the furniture.
  • Complete Seal System (HEPA): Breathe cleaner air! Complete Seal System with HEPA filter traps 99.9% of dust and allergens. *Based on ASTMF1977, particles are 0.3 microns and larger.
  • Quiet & Max-Power Mode: Suction control allows you to choose power levels and customize your clean. Keep sound levels to a minimum with Quiet Mode.
  • No Suction Loss Multi-Cyclone: No loss of suction* to ensure uninterrupted, powerful clean even if you forget to empty the dust cup. *Based on IEC 60312-1 with multiple dust loadings, results within accepted tolerance of 5%.
  • Avoid the mess: Stay clean, the anti-static dust cup leaves no debris behind.
  • Big Wheel Swivel Steering: Navigate freely! Advanced swivel steering, combined with big wheel technology ensures smooth movement on all floor types.
  • LED Display: Easy-to-use LED display and fingertip controls for added convenience.
  • Accessories Included: Accessories Included; a motorized pet tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool for the whole house cleaning from ceiling to floors.


  • Brand: Innova
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.84 x 12.13 x 45.59 Inches
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Color: Black