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  • Enjoy Yourself: This WIFI sous vide cooker only supports 2.4Ghz wifi, but once connected with the sous vide machine with your router by APP INKBIRD, you can check and control it anywhere you’re.
  • 360°3D Fast Heat Circulation: 1000 watts for ultrafast & Uniform water heating. The temp range of the sous vide cooker is: 77°F~210°F (25ºC~99ºC ).
  • Longest Timing: Max timer range: 99 HOURS 59 Minutes; start timer when the temp reaches your settings on the sous vide machine or APP, and let your cooks get enough and accurate.
  • Perfect Results: INKBIRD App offers a variety of sous vide cooking styles for the most popular recipes, don’t worry about overcooking and undercooking; every meal is perfect!
  • Reliable Cooking Partner: Additional calibration function is added to Inkbird Precise Cooker, which can keep a more accurate temperature at any time. Calibration range: -10F~10F.
  • No Noise: Compared with other brands of Precise Cookers, Inkbird Thermal Immersion Circulator is quieter when it works, which is affirmed by many user friends.
  • Protection and Temperature Alarm: This thermal cooker will stop working and alarm you when the water level is lower than the minimum. It also will alarm you when temp reaches the target setting value. The stainless steel is easy to clean. At the same time, this unit is not waterproof. The water level can not be over the max line.


  • Brand: Inkbird
  • Color: Black
  • Input Power(USA):120v 60Hz
  • Heating Power:1000W
  • Length of the Cable:1.2m
  • Readable LCD: (W)36mm*(L)42mm ,128*128 Dot Matrix LCD
  • Temperature Controlling Range: 77°F~210°F (25ºC~99ºC )
  • Temperature Accuracy:0.1℃(1°F )
  • Calibration Range: -10F~10F Range of Time Setting: Max 99 hours 59 minutes
  • Time Setting Minimum Interval:1 minute
  • Directional Pump: 360 Degree heating