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The powerful 2235QTiMAX-2 impact wrench is lightweight, durable, and versatile. It’ll withstand anything you throw at it and still deliver the same quality output every time. you never have to worry about manufacturing defects slowing you down.


  • Power: The high torque output of the powerful vane motor is optimized to increase safety and control over the tool.
  • Durability: Drop it as many times as you want — this impact wrench can take a beating under even the harshest of work environments.
  • Reliability: If you’re looking for an impact wrench series to last through the years, the 2235TiMAX Series is the one for you.


  • Brand: Ingersoll Rand
  • Dimensions7.20 x 9.60 x 2.90 in
  • Item Torque: 1300 Foot Pounds
  • Item Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Operation Mode: Pneumatic
  • Power Source: Air Powered