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The brushless motor leads to zero spark, heat resistance, little noise. With this innovative high-torque technology, IMOUMLIVE’s mini chainsaw battery powered for trees is fundamentally different from other carbon brush motor products, offering ease of use and top-quality results every time!


  • Powerful Brushless Motor: Why choose the expensive brushless mini chainsaw? Because this battery-operated chainsaw has an upgraded 600W brushless motor, which aims at the same voltage, but needs less electricity to provide a 300% longer lifespan, 75% more robust output, and 50% less energy consumption than the brushed pure copper motor. Having the sharp chain and German manufactured chain guide, you can cut wood smoothly without any jamming or bark damage. With this chainsaw, you can experience the power and torque of a professional full-size hand chainsaw as well as avoid arm soreness from long use since this small chainsaw for trees is battery-powered and lightweight enough.
  • Spare Sharp Chain With A Sharpener: This little lightweight chainsaw is great for cutting down small tree limbs, medium logs, rotted trees, bushes, small trunks, or thorns in your orchard, back, or front yard. It is good for the homeowners to use, both men and women, as well as lumberjacks or first-timers. This compact cordless chainsaw makes small trim jobs much easier if you want trees around your house to be topped instead of lugging out the full big heavy gas chainsaw. With this handy small pruning chainsaw, you can cut branches or wood into pieces like paper. The cuts would be very clean and leave no damage to the trees.
  • 2 Long-Lasting Batteries: The cordless chainsaw with battery and charger has 2 batteries so you can have the other on a charge while you are using one. The battery is easy to install, and you carry the chainsaw anywhere since it is cordless thus no distance or height limits compared with plug-in ones. Once the indicator of the battery shows green, the handheld chainsaw could cut wood or branches that are a maximum of 4” in diameter for at least 45 min long.
  • Automatic Lubricating Oil System: The chain could be easily lubricated even for a starter since the IMOUMLIVE cordless electric chainsaw 6 Inch is equipped with an upgraded lubrication system. Once you put chain oil into the oil box, press the bubble to oil the chain at the very first start, and then the lubrication would automatically start to run and continue to work whenever the chainsaw cuts wood or branches to avoid oil leaking problems.


  • Brand: Imoumlive
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.80 x 2.70 x 3.10 Inches