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  • Ideal for hard floors, the vacuum features 1 cleaning brush and 2 side brushes to free your floor of dust, pet hair, and other waste, holding it all in the large dustbin or vacuum bag. 
  • The bags and bin hold up to 1,000 milliliters of material, ensuring the robot frees your floor of extra garbage, reducing the frequency of emptying. 
  • Swap between the bags and the dustbin depending on the task. 
  • Easy to operate, use the remote control or mobile app to schedule cleanings, and integrate the vacuum with your Alexa to start and stop cleanings with voice commands. When finished, the robot returns to the charging dock to recover its batteries for the next cleaning. 
  • The robot vacuum cleaner package includes the vacuum, 1 dustbin, 3 bags, 1 controller, 2 batteries, 2 filters, 1 adapter, 1 charging dock, 1 cleaning brush, and 2 side brushes. Keep your floors washed and presentable with the ILIFE B5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner.


  • Brand: Ilife