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  • Ideal for hard floors or medium-pile carpets, this quiet vacuum features a self-adjusting 2-in-1 roller brush to free your floor of dust, pet hair, and other waste, holding it all in the cellular dustbin. 
  • With a carpet auto-boost, this floor-cleaner increases its suction power to loosen and lift embedded debris. 
  • Program this cleaner for Path, Spot, Edge, or Max Mode depending on your need. 
  • Easy to operate, use the remote control or mobile app to schedule cleanings, and integrate the vacuum with your Alexa to start and stop cleanings with voice commands. 
  • Prevent this vacuum from going anywhere unrequired with the ElectroWall. 
  • When finished, this robot returns to the charging dock to recover its batteries for the next cleaning. 
  • The robot vacuum cleaner package includes the vacuum, dustbin, ElectroWall, charging dock, controller, adapter, cleaning tool, filter, 4 side brushes, and a user manual. Keep your floors spotless and presentable with the ILIFE A9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.


  • Brand: ILife