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  • PowerMop Scrub – Innovative scrubbing technology ensures it agitates and cleans stubborn spills with vibrating mopping technology. 
  • HomeMap Navigation – Neatly cleans row by row with built-in sensors to ensure there are no missed spots. View your floor plan in the iHome Clean App. 
  • Ultra Strong Suction – Hyper Drive Plus with 2700pa suction power handles fine dust, stubborn dirt, pesky dirt hair, and more. HyperDrive automatically engages when Nova detects carpet for optimal cleaning.
  • Dual Action Wet/Dry – Vacuum and Mop simultaneously with the 2-in-1 tank. Debris is stored in the dry compartment as the mop follows with a wet pass. Set your desired water flow and the electronically controlled tank handles the rest.
  • Connected Convenience – Connect Nova to Wi-Fi for voice and app control when you want it. Use the iHome Clean App to manage Eclipse from anywhere and connect to Google Assistant to control your AutoVac by voice.


  • Brand: iHome