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Compatible with exterior wooden doors where keyed entry & Fits most standard residential wooden door. Smart Lock or APP will remind you to replace the battery. When the Digital keyless lock in low battery, Smart Locks will alarm, or you can check the battery level in the APP. You could temporarily charge your keyless door lock by using a 9V battery.


  • One gateway can be connected to multiple locks, but for better use, it is best to equip one lock with one gateway
  • A gateway can only be added to a mobile phone. You can authorize the key to your husband in the app, and all functions can be used the same.
  • Download the TTLock app and you will be able to change the passcode.
  • You can lock/unlock the door with your phone if close to the lock without a gateway, but if you want to control it via wifi or a smart device you will need the gateway.
  • Multiple Choices: Alexa Door Lock supports lock and unlock with APP, Keypad, and Mechanical Key. One-Touch Lock and Backlit keyboard-innovative Keyboard Deadlock Lock feature allows you to lock and leave without a key.Door Locks with Key also allow setting auto-lock by App to keep your house safe and sound.
  • Customize Management – Sign in APP of Bluetooth Locks for Front Door; you could check the records about unlocking and wrong passcode in real-time. Code Door Lock allow setting generate Timed, Permanent, One-time or Customized passcode for guests, visitors, housekeepers or employees


  • Brand: Hornbill
  • Assembled Product Weight: 3.3 lb
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.30 x 2.56 x 1.77 Inches