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  • The HolaHatha 10 to 90-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell condenses an entire set of free weights into one convenient package so you can reach your fitness goals anywhere. 
  • Target your arms, shoulders, chest, and a variety of other muscle groups with the 17 different weight settings, so you can have the total body workout you love. 
  • Adjusting this dumbbell between options is as easy as turning a dial. Each weight plate is securely held in place with 10 locking grooves that ensure a safe, stable lifting experience. 
  • This piece of equipment is roll-resistant and the handle is coated with a non-slip material, so you can avoid scary drops or rolled ankles. 
  • The compact and simple design makes this dumbbell perfect for home gyms with limited space, tucking under a desk at the office, or even storing in the trunk of your car. 
  • Feeling happy, healthy, and confident in your body doesn’t require a world-class gym. Build a varied, effective lifting routine with the HolaHatha 10 to 90-Pound Adjustable Dumbbell!


  • Brand: HolaHatha


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