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  • This air cooling system cools warm, stale air with natural evaporation. As the water inside the swamp cooler evaporates into the air circulating through the cooling system, the air lowers in temperature. 
  • Evaporative wet air coolers are ideal for areas with low humidity since water must be able to evaporate easily. 
  • Designed to cool areas as large as 950 square feet, this air cooler has a fan that draws air in and circulates it back out at a rate of 3,100 cubic square feet per minute. 
  • This portable swamp cooler has a 10.3-gallon water reservoir that you can fill through the cooler’s manual water fill or through your garden hose connected to its water hose adapter.
  • Equipped with a 4 fan-only setting and 2 evaporative settings, you’ll feel the cooling air you’ve been looking for. The air vents also oscillate to direct air throughout your room. 
  • The lightweight design, easy controlled wheels, and carrying handle makes the Hessaire Evaporative Swamp Air Cooler the ideal device for you.


  • Brand: Hessaire

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