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  • Suitable for in-ground, commercial, and residential pools, this pool cleaner will eliminate floating debris and keep your pool sparkling. 
  • This skimmer features a single port plumbing configuration, a narrow 9.25-inch throat, a 15.5-inch wide opening for maximum skimming action, and a 1.5-inch female iron pipe thread offering piping versatility. 
  • This pool accessory includes a 3.75-inch auxiliary knockout port that can be used as a pool overflow or water fill line for added convenience. 
  • The snap-in weir adjusts automatically to a 4.5-inch variation in water level so you don’t have to worry about manual adjustments. 
  • Additionally, the skimmer also features a cover collar that allows for a 1.5 vertical adjsutment. Constructed of ABS plastic, this pool accessory is built to last year after year. 
  • Hayward has got you covered with this SP10852 Auto-Skimmer. Kick back and enjoy your pool and let this skimmer tool do the work.


  • Brand: Hayward