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  • Searching for a treat your favorite feline can’t resist? Look no further. Hartz Delectables is the first gourmet lickable cat treat that combines yummy flavors in an array of textures: bisque (smooth), Stew (hearty), Savory Broths (savory), and Soft Pate (creamy puree). Each recipe boasts nutritious and flavorful ingredients delectably blended for easy-to-lap eating. The unique consistency, combined with our superior palatability technology, makes Delectables lickable wet treats so delicious cats lick the bowl clean! The perfectly sized 1.4-ounce pouch is easy to open and pour for a quick snack or food topper to entice finicky eaters.
  • Tasty Texture For Cat Treats: These bisque cat treats are a creamy pureed blend that combines tender chicken or succulent fish into a delicious cat treat
  • Many Uses: These delectable cat treats can be used as a quick cat snack or a cat food topper
  • Texture Variety: Hartz Delectables Lickable Cat Treats are available in multiple irresistible textures in a wide variety of flavors – bisque, stew, savory broths, soft pate, and squeeze ups


  • Brand: Hartz
  • Animal Type: Cat 
  • Pet Food Flavor: Tuna, Chicken, Shrimp
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.37 x 6.87 x 5.31 Inches

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