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Rely on our Brushless Turbo Fan Blower to clear your yard quickly and efficiently! With 550 CFM and 125 MPH, this blower delivers unmatched power. The Turbo Fan design directs air from the back of the tool and out the front with absolutely no disruptions, guaranteeing maximum power. Integrated ultra-quiet offers our quietest blower. Users have ultimate control with both a variable speed trigger and a turbo button. The variable speed trigger customizes the output of air while the turbo button ensures that even the heaviest of leaves can be cleared. Lastly, the high-performance Brushless Motor Technology provides more power, longer runtime and longer motor life. The HART 40V Battery (Not Included) is compatible with all HART 40V tools. All a part of the 40V System where you get All Power, No Gas.


  • This product does not come with a battery and charger
  • Hart 40V System
  • 550 CFM, 125 MPH
  • Turbo Button for ultimate clearing power
  • Variable Speed Trigger for increased control
  • Brushless Motor for more power and longer runtime
  • Integrated ultra-quiet offers our quietest blower
  • HART 40V Battery & Charger Sold Separately
  • Includes: Turbo Fan Blower, Blower Tube, and Operator’s Manuals


  • Brand: Hart
  • Package Dimensions (LxWxH): 18.27 x 15.75 x 8.66 Inches
  • Speed: 125 MPH
  • Air Flow Capacity: 550 CFM
  • Voltage: 40 V