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Frizzlife TF900 is a countertop water filtration system with premium filtration performance and adjustable filtration speed, it has five temperature and three capacity settings, is 100% safe, and UL tested. The 3-second hot design keeps drinking water clean and fresh. The compact design makes it plug and play anytime, anywhere.


  • Premium Filtration & Adjustable Filtration Speed: Consisting of multi-layer filtration materials, such as Japan-made Activated Carbon (ACF), top class Ion-Exchange Resin, Micro Nets, etc, TF900 countertop water filter dispenser is tested to effectively reduce CHLORINE, FLUORIDE, LEAD, HEAVY METALS, BAD TASTE & ODOR, Sediment, and other harmful contaminants from water while retaining essential minerals. Water filtration speed can be adjusted by turning the dial on the cartridge bottom.
  • Instant Heating in 3 secs: Frizzlife TF900 hot water dispenser is capable of producing Heated & Filtered water in 3 secs; no need to wait. It actually combines the functions of a water filter pitcher and water kettle in one compact system. Besides, instant heating technology ensures that only individual serve of water volume will be heated up each time. No repeat heating keeps your drinking water clean and fresh!
  • 5 Temperatures & 3 Volumes Settings: TF900 countertop hot water dispenser filter system has five kinds of temperatures adjustable (Room temp, 110℉, 150℉, 185℉, 212℉), thus allowing you to brew a variety of drinks that deliver best tastes, including but not limited to hot tea, coffee, baby formula, etc.. Three volume settings (5oz, 10oz, 17oz) can better serve different cup sizes.
  • 100% Safety & UL Tested: TF900 instant hot water dispenser is made of food-grade materials and passes the UL test. The built-in high temp safety lock always starts up in standby status. You need to press long to unlock the system first before dispensing water. Therefore, it protects elders and kids from any burning or scalding risks. Water shortage alarms also protect the system from dry burning.
  • Compact Design & Plug and use: TF900 instant water boiler is fully assembled; no drilling or installing required. All you need is to plug it in to use. Adopting a compact and neat design, the system can be moved anywhere in need with a power supply available, such as offices, bedrooms, RVs, kitchens, and much more. Hot drinking water is always in demand with a few simple taps on the smart panel.


  • Brand: Frizzlife

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