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  • Locks in Freshness, Seals in Flavor: This handheld FoodSaver vacuum sealer removes air from zipper bags and containers with the touch of a button to keep chips and crackers crunchy, avocado halves green longer,* and cheese fresh longer.* *Compared to storage in ordinary zipper bags
  • Great for Marinating: Great for Marinating: Enjoy more flavorful food—this food vacuum sealer marinates more effectively than non-vacuum methods in just 12 minutes.** The Marinate Mode cycle pulses, pulls and releases a vacuum to infuse more flavor in minutes. **Vs. marinating for 12 minutes with non-vacuum methods
  • Compact Sealer and Convenient Charging Dock: This cordless handheld vacuum sealer is compact and easy to store in its convenient charging dock; great for small spaces
  • Ideal for Refrigerator and Pantry Storage: Perfect for meal prep, leftovers, snacks on the go, and items you frequently access in the fridge and pantry
  • Easy to Clean: Vacuum sealer includes a removable liquid reservoir for easy cleaning
  • Compatibility: Compatible with FoodSaver Vacuum Zipper Bags, Preserve & Marinate Containers (containers are freezer compatible), Bottle Stoppers, and more
  • Starter Set: Includes a Handheld Vacuum Sealer with charging dock, 2 quart-size Zipper Bags, and a 10-cup Preserve and Marinate Container


  • Brand: FoodSaver 

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