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  • Place Phone Horizontally For Leisure: People like its three-dimensional shape, which helps them solve their boredom when waiting for charging, and it looks great. Don’t worry about the stability of the magnetic attraction, and this is the perfect stand specially tailored for your iPhone 12/14. iPhone14 Pro/Max cannot be triangularly supported due to the enlarged camera position
  • Place Phone Vertically for Sociality: This is an exquisite design that allows you to place the phone horizontally or vertically when charging. We believe that placing it vertically can better make video calls with friends or family, whether in the office or at the dinner table at home.
  • Foldable Into A Charging Pad: After 360° folding, this 3 in 1 Phone wireless charger becomes a charging board to meet your requirements for minimalism. After purchasing this wireless charger, you are equivalent to having three kinds of chargers and mobile phone holders. Super affordable option.
  • Safety First: Upgraded coil can help increase charging efficiency by 35%, special magnetic isolation sheet, no fear of radiation. And wireless charging station is equipped with foreign object detection, short circuit protection, temperature control and more, so you can enjoy wireless charging with total peace of mind.
  • Pocket Size: After being folded, only half the size of an iPhone, Say goodbye to those endless cables and chargers. The small portable, fast charger for iPhone is the perfect apple accessory for men, women or girls. This will be a gift that everyone will love.
  • Case-Friendly: There is no need to turn cases off for charging. Please make sure that Cases Under 3mm. Or please use a special magnetic charging mobile phone case. You can charge with confidence!


  • Brand: Fitfort