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Expert Grill Extra Large Charcoal Pizza Oven. This tabletop pizza oven archives temperatures in excess of 800F° for a 90-second artisan pizza in just moments. The 15″ included pizza stone holds small and large pizzas. Add a cast-iron skillet and sear a perfect steak, burgers, chicken, or your favorite meal. Charcoal powers this unit for super high heat and authentic wood-fired flavor. This unit is a wonderful addition to your alfresco dining experience. Entertain family, friends, and neighbors with this amazing outdoor oven and host an unforgettable pizza party in your yard. Make a store-bought frozen pizza taste like a gourmet pizza, or create your own masterpiece with fresh pizza dough and ingredients. The versatility of the Expert Grill Extra Large Tabletop pizza oven will provide you and your family with years of fun cooking, comradery, and enjoyment. Bring Italy to your backyard and be the Expert at your next event.


  • Authentic charcoal pizza oven
  • Temperature gauge
  • Perfect pizza ready in 2 minutes or less
  • Traditional wood-fired flavor
  • Easy clean charcoal bucket and ash pan
  • Easy charcoal startup
  • Not just for pizza, bake bread, sear steal and spatchcock chicken
  • Versatility for delicious foods


  • Brand: Expert Grill
  • Dimensions: 35.30 x 23.00 x 29.80 Inches
  • Color: Black