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  • Accomplish a versatile workout with this free-standing tool to enhance cardio, leg conditioning, speed training, and hand-eye coordination. 
  • This dual-station bag stand features a heavy bag on 1 side and a speed bag on the other. Use the heavy bag for strength training and form, and work on your speed and agility on the other.
  • This 70-pound workout bag is great for solo-sparring and practicing MMA, kickboxing and other forms of martial arts. Made from high-quality, durable synthetic leather and reinforced webbing, these bags are long-lasting and can take a beating. 
  • These synthetic leather, pro-style gloves are ready for optimum training for heavy bag workouts, mitt work, and sparring. 
  • The hourglass shape conforms to the natural shape of your fist, these gloves help promote proper techniques for punching before you hit the ring for your first match. 
  • Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with the Everlast Dual Bag Stand, Nevatear 70-Pound Heavy Bag, and Pro Style Gloves.


  • Brand: Everlast

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