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EnnoLogic Temperature Gun (NOT for Body Temp) – Accurate High-Temperature Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer -58°F to 1202°F- Digital Surface IR Thermometer eT650D – w/ NIST Certificate: Take accurate non-contact temperature readings of any surface within less than a second.


  • Not For Body Temperature! This thermometer does NOT estimate body temperature from skin temp readings. Its accuracy of ± 3.5°F does not make it accurate enough to determine if a person has a fever by scanning their forehead. It was designed for a much wider temperature range. This is an industrial thermometer that performs beautifully and accurately for what it was intended for: food safety inspections, HVAC, BBQ, cooking, or home inspection and home improvement projects. NOT for medical use.
  • Impress Your Friends With The Perfect Pizza: Adjustable emissivity gives you the needed accuracy for your wood-fired or brick pizza oven. Want your pizza stone at 485°F? Easy. Or use a Himalayan Salt Block at 500°F to grill that salmon indoors – INSTANT GRILL MASTER! Whenever you pull the ennoLogic gun out of its holster to bring your new grill or pizza oven to the optimum temperature, be prepared to answer questions from your friends about your fancy new tool!
  • Our Customers Rave About The 1000’s Of Dollars They Save On Home And Car Repairs with our laser thermometer. Find exactly where insulation is missing, or hot and cold air leaks. Check the output of A/C units and save replacing a condenser by fixing a blower motor. You’ll LOVE how easily you can measure heat loss in windows and doorways, or monitor wood stove or water heater temperatures. Check your car’s cooling system, catalytic converter, brakes, and tires.
  • Own The Ultimate Instant-Read Cooking Thermometer: Safely test hot foods, reheated baby food, water baths, and frying oils in seconds without spills, burns or mess. Want to make frying healthier? Use the SCAN mode to track temperature variations of your oil with high accuracy, and set the HIGH ALARM to below the smoke point. Or scan your oven walls and range top to find out how hot they really are. Take the guesswork out of your cooking and baking with an accurate tool you can rely on.
  • Professional Feature-Loaded IR Thermometer At A Fraction Of The Price: Scan & Hold. Hi and Lo Alarm. Min, Max, and Average display. Dual lasers and adjustable emissivity for increased accuracy. Even has hands-free mode! Large display with bright backlight is easy to read in any lighting. NIST TRACEABLE Calibration Certificate Available. But don’t be fooled by look-alikes – only ennoLogic units get tested and packed in the USA, comply with FDA and FCC.


  • Brand: EnnoLogic
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Response Time: 0.5 seconds
  • Style: ET650D w/ NIST Certificate