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The all season EnerG+ HEA-21531 Electric Infrared Outdoor Heater ushers in a new standard in outdoor heating. Focusing the warmth precisely where you want it, this versatile infrared heater is very efficient using radiant heat. Completely safe to use outdoors in all weather conditions, safe to use in enclosed areas and hardly affected by wind you will have instant warmth year-round.


  • Ideal for mounting on almost any surface, this heater has a wall mount, pole mount including wood and mortar options
  • Provides 2 heat settings of 750-Watt and 1500-Watt of instantaneous radiant heat and oscillates to heat everyone nearby
  • IPx4 certified weatherproof rating makes this safe for use outdoors, even in wet or rainy environments, no need to put it away every day
  • Remote control allows you to adjust the settings from a distance
  • Easily mounts on a wall or hard surface with the included articulated mounting arm
  • Aluminum finish for durability


  • Brand: EnerG+
  • Total BTU: 5100
  • Color/Finish: White
  • Heating Area (sq. ft.): 80
  • Housing Material: Aluminum
  • Voltage (volts): 110
  • Wattage (watts): 1500 W

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