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If you need a high-efficiency chainsaw for your yard work, few compare with the power and flexibility of the 16 in. 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw. If you’re tired of the noise, fumes and vibrations of a traditional gas-powered chainsaw, this rugged alternative is far more comfortable while still providing high-end performance. A 16-inch bar and chain creates smooth cuts through any hardwood or softwood limbs or logs. An industry-leading 56-volt lithium-ion battery by EGO offers all the power you need to compete with a traditional chainsaw. Sharpen your 16-inch Oregon chain and enjoy the 6800 RPMs of a brushless motor. Your EGO chainsaw is equipped with an automatic chain lubrication system and clear oil inspection window. Once you adjust the simple chain tensioning knobs, you’ll enjoy high-powered performance. Stay safe on the jobsite with a safety button, front hand guard and kickback brake for your chain to keep you safe. Don’t let a kickback lead to an injury, but protect yourself as you power through your outdoor projects and enjoy the long-lasting performance of an Ego battery. Whether you’re cutting firewood or clearing debris from your yard, enjoy professional quality and long-lasting performance that’s compatible with all your EGO 56-volt tools.


  • 16-inch Oregon bar and chain
  • Up to 6800 RPM brushless motor
  • Weather-resistant for use in light rain and cold conditions
  • Convenient chain tensioning knob
  • Clear oil inspection window for easy reservoir refills
  • Keep your chain oiled with an automatic lubrication system
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Oil inspection window lets users know when to refill reservoir
  • Automatic lubrication system keeps components adequately oiled


  • Brand: EGO Power+