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  • This is the simplest of the wire rod suspensions.
  • The tom-toms are held in place by threads on both ends of the rods, allowing the little drummer to easily change the tilt and height of the tom-toms. If the screw does not hold through the drum, be sure to tighten the fixing nut on top of the through drum.
  • This structure lifts the bass drum at an angle so that the drum is facing upward, allowing the sound to pass through better, and the triangle is fixed so that the snare drum doesn’t shift dramatically when the drum is played.
  • Drum throne, maximum height 17 inch/42cm, maximum load weight 220lb/100kg, even a normal weight adult can easily support it.
  • The electroplated bottom C hammer is stronger than the normal drum pedal and remains shiny for a long time after plating.
  • The treadle hammers can be used by attaching them to the bottom drum frame.
  • Two pairs of maple drumsticks, a pair of 7A adult drumsticks, and a pair of small drumsticks, so that you can enjoy together, playing a fun time of musical instruments.


  • Brand: Eastar
  • Color: Metallic Sea Blue
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.00 x 16.40 x 14.00 Inches

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