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  • This lightweight welding machine delivers an excellent arc performance and enables you to obtain precise and smooth finishes in welding, car bodywork, and many other thin steel welding processes. 
  • Due to its portable and lightweight design, this welder provides unmatched conveniences and ease of transportation and uses in confined spaces. Ideal for welding stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, and other metal materials, this unit stands up to daily wear and tear. 
  • The ultra-quiet motor creates significantly less noise pollution, while the closed-loop feedback council, built-in fan, and ultra-low voltage regular provide added safety and reliability. 
  • Featuring over-current protection, adjustable welding voltage for exact matching, advanced IGBT inverter technology with a high-duty cycle, and an excellent ignition voltage, you’ll love the powerful performance of this compact machine. 
  • Ideal for use with 6010, 7018, and 6011 DC stick arc welders, this machine creates a smooth, excellent finish on any welding job. 
  • Enjoy a portable and compact welding machine without losing power and efficiency with the Stick Arc Portable Lightweight Welding Machine from DEKO.


  • Brand: Deko