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A Rice Cooker with Versatile Capabilities, meet your cooking needs with 10 menu options! Cooking your favorite rice & grains has never been easier. Using a Micom rice cooker allows you to prepare popular and healthy grains the way you enjoy them!


  • Unique 10 Menu Options: Enjoy popular menu options such as white (glutinous) rice, mixed/brown rice, and porridge as well as versatile options such as steam and slow cook
  • Ideal 6 Cup Capacity: The 6-cup (12 cups cooked) rice cooker provides the perfect serving amount for small gatherings or small to medium-sized families
  • Smart Micom Rice Cooker: Enjoy effortless cooking as the smart cooking algorithm is designed to automatically cook delicious rice every time
  • Customized Rice Cooking: Whether you enjoy sticky rice, soft rice, sweet rice, or savory rice, My Mode allows you to take control of your cooking with the 16 unique rice flavor and texture options
  • Clean & Fresh: Keep your rice cooker clean and your rice tasting fresh with the removable nonstick inner pot, detachable inner lid, auto-clean function, and excess water drainage dish


  • Brand: Cuckoo
  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity: 6 Cups