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  • More Space In Your Kitchen: Because you always need more space in your kitchen, Cristel removable handle system allows you to save up to 3 times more space in your drawers compared to classic fixed-handle cookware.
  • Highly Responsive: The 3-ply construction (at the base) reinforced with aluminum core provides exceptional thermal efficiency with no hot spots, allowing you to prepare homogeneously cooked dishes.
  • Cook Safe: Never worry about touching a hot handle or tipping over a vessel, as all handles are removable.
  • Customize Your Pan: Choose your favorite color to match your kitchen decor. You can choose up to 11 different colors of handles.
  • Cook & Serve With The Same Pan: The long handle can be switched out for two side handles to go elegantly to the table with cold handles for passing dishes around. The defuser base will keep foods warm for serving.
  • 100% Made In France: All our items are made in our factory, which allows us to choose only the best quality of stainless steel to manufacture high-end cookware.
  • Tulipe Construction: 3 layers at the base (stainless steel/aluminum/stainless steel), 1 layer on the side (stainless steel)
  • The rounded shape facilitates cleaning of your product
  • Wide-edge rims for efficient pouring


  • Brand: Cristel 
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Maximum Heating Temperature (Fahrenheit): 500
  • Number of Pieces: 3
  • Shape: Round

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