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The Craftsman 500 Mower Lift CR500ML features a unique clutch system for easy lifting and an automatic safety system with a smooth release handle. The clutch system provides the right amount of torque when lifting light or heavy-duty lawn mowers or tractors. It is a smarter way to maintain your lawnmower and is ideal for blade sharpening, belt replacement, and debris removal.


  • It has a front-load lifting capacity of 500 pounds with a lifting height of 24-in
  • Easily lift manually or with a power drill and folds flat for easy storage
  • It fits most residential tractors and ZTR mowers
  • Wheel span measurement of 18.5-in to 47.5-in


  • Brand: Craftsman
  • Weight: 63 Pounds
  • Type: Lift
  • Maximum Lift (Inches): 24
  • Package Contents: Contains parts, hardware, and manual