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  • Military action-packed pretend play set made of super strong, superior quality BPA-free plastic material, with Authentic, highly detailed design with uniforms & accessories.
  • The set includes; 1 F/A 18 hornet fighter jet, 2 pilot figures, 10 assorted missiles, 2 water/gas jerry cans, and 1 access letter.
  • Fighter jet has real-life aircraft features such as a cockpit bubble canopy that opens, adjustable wing flaps, and foldable wheels that open and can close in their shaft. Fully poseable 1:18 action figures with 22 articulated joint points and can stand alone.
  • Aircraft measurements in inches; 22.5” Long from nose to tail, wingspan 18.2” and height of 6.2” inches.
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  • Brand: Click N’ Play
  • Dimensions: 25.25 x 5.00 x 13.75 Inches