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This Click N’ Play ball pit balls 1000 Value pack will keep your little ones busy for hours on end! It is the ultimate play ball for your kid’s soft play areas. Loads of fun and action combined with sensory and activity. They are also great for extra balls for ball pits, jumping castles and kiddie pools. Ball pit ball pack features 5 bright attractive colors; Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Green. Safe for children! Plastic is Phthalate Free; BPA Free; Lead Free & non-PVC. Durable and made to last a long time. Uses a unique 2-stage blow molding process to ensure consistency of thickness, quality, and smooth seam & surface.


  • Value pack of 1000 Crush Proof Balls. Made with Phthalate Free; BPA Free; Lead Free & non-PVC Plastic
  • Each ball for the ball pit will withstand over 90 pounds of weight. Guaranteed Crush Proof, Phthalate Free & manufactured with non-Recycled Plastic Material
  • Each ball measures 2.3 inches in diameter, a perfect size for a small child’s hand. 6 bright & attractive colors: Blue, red, pink, green, orange, and yellow
  • Great ball pit ball packs for filling any ball pit, tent, playhouse, kiddie pool, playpen and bounce house


  • Brand: Click N’ Play
  • Age Range: 1 years
  • Color: Bright Colors