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  • Weight: with auger bit/tested drill: 14 lbs.
  • Anodized aluminum frame/handle/plate
  • Rubber dipped handles and trigger for easier handling and use
  • Taller upright bracket to accommodate more drill types
  • Industrial ball bearing – absorbs the load from the auger so the drill is only used to spin the auger and not support the torque extends the life of the drill
  • Includes all hardware needed to mount your drill, drill not included
  • Works with most current 18-Volt or 20-Volt 1/2 in. cordless drills ConVert cordless drill to an electric auger
  • No gas auger fumes
  • Spring return on the actuator arm
  • Patents 9,561,546 and 9,999,969
  • Includes auger drill plate/bracket
  • 6 in. or 8 in. auger bit with 2 tempered stainless steel blades, steel flighting
  • Tested drilling through over 700 in. of ice, using 18-Volt drill


  • Brand: Clam
  • Dimensions: H 10 in, W 11 in, L 30 in
  • Weight: 8 lbs