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  • The Ultra-Sturdy Handle Socket and Large Forward -Turned Foot Steps increase the force by adding leverage and allowing for secure foot placement, especially when wearing soft-soled shoes
  • Perfect for digging through soil, planting, cutting sod and small roots
  • Making the most difficult jobs easy
  • Designed to withstand heavy-duty labor, the open-back, industrial gauge steel blade holds up against the most demanding jobs
  • Shovel blade will endure wear and tear and the maximum blade surface which allows for increased efficiency
  • The steel D-Grip with ash wood handle combines strength and style
  • The ergonomic design of this handle brings comfort, while the extra strength of the steel D-Grip prevents twisting
  • Comfortable to use with one or both hands and great to use even when wearing gloves
  • The extra strong ash wood used in Centurion’s PRO-Series Heavy-Duty Shovel handle provides great strength and flexibility
  • Lightweight and very durable


  • Brand: Centurion
  • Dimensions: 42.90 x 9.10 x 5.50 Inches