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  • The assembled aircraft model has a cool appearance, exquisite shape, realistic details and high playability.
  • It uses a large number of technological components to perfectly restore the appearance and details of the classic tilt-rotor transport aircraft.
  • The unique side-by-side double cockpit of the transport helicopter, the large propellers on both sides of the wings, the V-shaped double tail, and the double-sided cabin doors that can be manually opened and closed.
  • The manual knob controls the rotation of the propeller of the aircraft, the tilt of the engine compartment on both sides, the rotation of the tail wheel of the aircraft, etc.
  • Box size: 42.0*34.0*9.0cm/16.5*13.4*3.5in.
  • Dimensions of the aircraft: 53.2*69.8*19.8cm/20.9*27.5*7.8in.
  • Dimensions of the aircraft with display stand: 53.2*69.8*27.8cm/20.9*27.5*10.9in.
  • The number of building block particles: 1424PCS.
  • The power system module can be installed to realize the functions of remote control aircraft taxiing and propeller rotation and make your building blocks move. (This product does not contain the power system module)


  • Brand: CaDA
  • Dimensions: 20.90 x 27.50 x 7.80 Inches
  • Weight: 1430 g
  • Color: Grey+Yellow
  • Age Range: 8 Years & Up

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