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  • Constructed to keep feed out of the elements and pest-free, the heavy galvanized steel feeder holds up to 3.7 bushels of tasty feed. 
  • The 2-door feeder serves food for up to 8 full-grown hogs and pigs. Large, free-acting doors close automatically, wide enough to allow large hogs to eat comfortably. 
  • Each side has a feed slide that adjusts from the outside, and swing-type hinges allow cover to drop down flush with the feeder’s sides. 
  • Don’t want to wrestle through your herd of pigs while refilling the feeder? The easy-access top allows you to stay over the crowd and refill from your truck or tractor. 
  • Durable 20-gauge steel construction withstands even severe weather, perfect for use even in heartland thunderstorms. 
  • The feeder is great for keeping your livestock well-fed and taken care of through all seasons. Simplify your farm chores and fatten up your hogs with Brower 2 Door Hog Supplement Feeder.


  • Brand: Brower