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Eliminates stress on shoulders, arms, legs and back – worker pushes as opposed to lifting while pushing. Balanced to ensure minimal effort when dumping load. Suspension designed to accommodate weights that otherwise may not be lifted or moved via conventional one and two-wheeled wheelbarrows. Creates a balanced movement of load – no need to worry about losing grip on handles or having load suddenly tilt to one side or the other causing a spill – 4 wheels ensures an even transport. Exceptional for use in “green” construction and/or maintenance zones where gassed and/or black dust created from gasoline and electric vehicles are unacceptable. Requires minimal physical effort to move any loads within weight restrictions noted – no need to purchase a gas-powered vehicle which otherwise may be required (think green). Enables users to transport materials longer distances with less fatigue. Basic, inexpensive, extremely effective wheelbarrow that allows it to do the work for you.


  • 4-Wheeled 8 Cu wheelbarrow for home use
  • Extremely stable; 4 wheels create balanced movement of loads
  • Designed for high-weight loads; improved pneumatic tires for added durability
  • Reduces stress on shoulders, arms, legs, and back


  • Brand: Big 4 Wheeler
  • Number Of Wheels: 4
  • Cart Wheel Size (Inches): 16
  • Weight Limit (lbs.): 600
  • Capacity (Cu. Feet): 8
  • Large Front Wheel Dimension: 16 inch diameter x 4.0 inch width.
  • Small Rear Wheel Dimension: 10 inch diameter x 3.5 inch width