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Ideal for use in your home or office, it has built-in technology that automatically shuts the system down in the event of an overload. This eliminates paper jams and possible damage to the machine. In addition, it includes ShredSafe Technology that auto powers off upon a forced entry, preventing accidents. This paper and CD and credit card shredder with strong steel cutters can accommodate up to 12 sheets of paper, one credit card or one CD per pass. It shreds documents into tiny cross cut pieces leaving no trace of usable information behind. When not in use, the cover plate on the 12-Sheet Aurora Shredder completely closes the feed entry for added safety.


    • 12-sheet crosscut
    • Shred-safe cross-cut paper shredder includes a 4.8-gallon wastebasket
    • LED standby/power status indicator light
    • Duty cycle: 2 minutes on/30 minutes off
    • Overload/overheat protection


  • Brand: Aurora GB
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.48 x 8.90 x 16.06 Inches
  • Material: Plastic

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