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The ANTOP AT-800SBS is an essential accessory you need to have in your home. It improves the value of your TV and maximizes entertainment in your home. With various plug-and-play features and up to an 85-mile signal range, it’s able to capture hundreds of free, over-the-air, HDTV shows. This antenna is a far cry from the traditional yagi antenna that is too complicated for consumers to use. However, it gives you the same output and more. The AT-800SBS features an amplifier, splitter, and an integrated module that incorporates different devices like an FM stereo, an OTA-ready TV, and of course, a streaming device. With simple controls and a sleek design, the AT-800SBS is an HDTV and FM antenna for the modern home. Not only does it just work, but it also works well-plus it’s 4K ready.


  • Up to an 85-mile range
  • Multi-directional reception pattern
  • The exclusive smart boost system enables users to adjust the antenna’s reception power with a simple turn of a dial
  • The built-in adjustment dial on the power booster unit allows ease and flexibility to increase or decrease the amplifier strength of the antenna
  • Integrated FM antenna to improve radio reception of FM stations
  • Ability to connect 2-devices simultaneously-FM stereo, a second TV, or any OTA-ready streaming device or projector
  • 4G LTE filter blocks unwanted 3G and 4G wireless signals for noise-free reception
  • Compact and sleek panel design can be mounted on a roof, wall, or balcony or placed indoors on a tabletop
  • Includes power booster, AC/DC power adapter, VHF signal enhancer rods, 40 ft. coaxial cable, 25 ft. coaxial cables, indoor stand, wall/pole mounting kit, user manuals in English and Spanish


  • Brand: Antop
  • Dimensions: 22 in x 10 in. x 4.7 in.
  • Range (miles): 85
  • Signal Type: VHF
  • Antenna Gain (dB): 27