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Stay warm with this tower space heater! The words “winter” and “chilly” go hand in hand. what happens when your indoor environment is almost as chilly as the one outside your door? If you can’t afford ever-increasing monthly bills, you don’t want to heat empty rooms or your central heating system is on the fritz, you’ll likely need this space heater to stay warm. Alrocket Space heater with Excellent performance ,with Unique blinds design, It can not only oscillate, but also up and down to adjust the wind direction, bringing you more heating options and warming a wider & far area for your room. Temperature Tips The temperature shown on the space heater may not always match with the temperature reading measured by a store-bought room temperature sensor. First, The temperature probe inside the heater is close to the heater housing, so the temperature measured is only the room temperature in a very close range of the portable heater. Second, the difference can arise from various factors including the location of the space heater, wall insulation, window orientation, floor, room height, and the quality of the store-bought room temperature sensor.


  • Adjustable ECO thermostat: This feature helps you conserve energy because this space heater only runs when the temperature falls below the number you choose. This means it won’t run constantly, further reducing the risk of a fire situation and greatly saving your electricity bills.
  • Aesthetic decor for homes/office: You’ll be living with space heaters for months at a time in highly visible parts of your home, and we think you may as well have something nice to look at. Our space heater have a black exterior with fashion appearance, bringing a de-stressing effect while fully matching your decorating style.
  • Save energy with the ECO mode: If you set a temperature range from 59-99°F, the digital thermostat will compare the room temperature and settemperature automatically to optimize energy consumption: If the room temperature around the space heater rises above the temperature you set, it will stop heating automatically and then enter in stand-by mode, when the surrounding temperature belows the set temperature, it will continue working to provide warmth, in this way to optimize energy consumption.
  • 1°F increments: The wide temperature range available (from 59°F to 99°F in 1-degree increments) gives you more options for heat control,just enjoy the desired Temperature you like with this space heater.
  • Year-around use: This space heater features low/high/fan only modes to satisfy your heating and cooling needs, it’s wise for you to choose a year-around equipment and save money.
  • Warmth at ideal time: Set a specific number of 24 hours to turn off automatically, never worry about forgetting turn off the space heater, which helps you save energy and keep safe.


  • Brand: Alrocket
  • Color: Black

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