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  • With our All-Clad skillet, if there’s an outlet, you can cook there.
  • Its adjustable controls cook up to 7 quarts of food at the exact temperature it needs you to need without having to guess whether you need to turn the heat up or down.
  • Like our non-electric cookware, it’s made from bonded metal for even heat distribution, so heat is dispersed consistently so everything cooks evenly throughout.
  • The surface is coated with a safe and an Eterna nonstick coating, so food slides right off with ease.
  • At 7 quarts, it’s way larger than most of our other pans, so you can cook big meals all at once.


  • Brand: All-Clad
  • Dimensions: 6.9” H X 18.6” L X 14.8” D
  • Weight: 13.2 lb.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Cooking Surface Area: 7 square inches