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  • This 1.60-gallon, dual tank humidifier runs for a full 100 hundred hours. The completely silent humidifier can provide you with 13 nights of sleep before refilling. 
  • Therapeutic scents from the included refills will release into a soothing mist, creating an environment that’s sure to enhance your mood. 
  • Powerful enough to increase humidity in rooms up to 700 square feet large, the programmable humidistat monitors and maintains the humidity in your home. 
  • A 16-inch extension novel lets you convert the humidifier from a tabletop unit to a floor humidifier quickly. The dual directional mist nozzle lets you direct moisture where you want.
  • Choose from 5 mist settings to find one that works best for your home. Keep the air in your home humid and healthy with the Air Innovations Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Digital Humidifier and Pack of 12 Lavender Refills.


  • Brand: Air Innovations